Plumbing Maintenance: Why It’s Important

Regular plumbing maintenance is essential for keeping your plumbing system in good condition. The importance of preventative measures cannot be overstated when it comes to your plumbing, as neglecting your system can lead to costly repairs and inconveniences. Flatgard Plumbing, a trusted plumbing company, recommends regular plumbing maintenance to prevent issues before they become major […]

How to Choose a Contractor 

Home renovation is the most exciting yet hectic thing. One of the crucialfactors to consider while planning a house renovation is choosing theright contractor. Thus many first-timers come up with the question ofhow to hire a contractor for home renovations and more importantly,how to know if that selected contractor is right or not. Therefore, the […]

The Top 5 Steps to Help You Maintain Your Plumbing This Fall:

Fall is here, and with the change in seasons comes changes in your home maintenance needs.You may have already fired up your heating system and started using your air conditioner less, but haveyou considered your plumbing? At FLATGARD PLUMBING our goal is to help customers enjoy acomfortable home and a functioning plumbing system no matter […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Unclogging a Sink

Whenever your bathroom or kitchen sink gets clogged, you want to unclog it as soonas possible to avoid major problems like slow water drainage, flooding, bad smelldue to standing water in the sink, and more. So, it becomes highly crucial to knowabout the best practices for clearing a clogged sink or drain. Most homemakers overlook […]